Pandemos, defined as “common to all the people,” is the Greek word from which pandemic is etymologically derived. Despite being associated with the virulent nature of disease, the word has also been used to describe and represent the unity of the collective, especially during times of struggle. We posit that this meaning can also apply to the universal nature of the human experience and ultimately believe it to be a critical component to understanding how generations who came before us have responded to pandemics of the past.

The primary goal of our project is to promote a shared sense of comfort in examining this collective experience and applying it to the seemingly unprecedented circumstances unfolding in the present day. We will be examining online archives, media articles, and museum exhibits, tracking our findings through a series of academic analyses and personal reflections—curating our own digital framework of historic quarantine life applied to the present in the form of a website. We hope to supplement this resource with an accompanying forum for the public to reinforce historical commonalities through recorded shared experience. In adding further to the contemporary perspective, the forum will in turn contribute to the creation of a database for posterity.

We hope that Pandemos will show you that although pandemics may temporarily disconnect us, the humanities exist as a foundation for the understanding that by virtue of being human we are never truly alone.


Jon Joey Telebrico (CMC '23)

Jon Joey Telebrico is from Santa Clara, California, pursuing a dual major in Economics and Data Science at Claremont McKenna College. You can often find him zooming around campus on his scooter and running events with the College Programming Board, CMC Advocates, and the Claremont International Relations Society. In his spare time, he enjoys reading philosophy literature, going on long distance runs, and journeying to find the best coffee spot in the bay area. 

Makenna Mahrer (CMC '23)

Makenna Mahrer is a second year at Claremont McKenna College from Burlingame, California. She is currently on the premed track and is planning on a History-Italian Studies dual major. As well as working on the Conservation team at the Roberts Environmental Center, Makenna is involved with Outdoor Initiative, the campus’ outdoor leadership club and the Satellite Learning Program for youth tutoring at the Claremont Colleges. In her free time she can be found hiking, skiing, or scouting out her next cup of boba.